[DEFECTIVE] Red light on --> Red light off nothing happens

userHead Celderon 2016-08-03 02:48:37 2297 Views1 Replies
Hello LattePanda Team!

I have a problem with my Board.
One day i´ve tried to start my LattePanda but instead of starting to windows it says that windows has to be repaired. I´ve done nothing just switching on and off nothing else.

I have done the following steps:
- trying to repair windows by itself
- windows was still not booting
- then i tried to reinstall windows as you described (FAQ: How do I re-install LattePanda Windows system?)

Now its the following problem:
When i power up and i switch on the board the RED light goes on --> the lattepanda logo shows up and than the screens gets black and the RED light goes off

I have tried several times to reinstall windows with usb drive but its still the same problem. After first LattePanda logo the screen turns black and the RED light goes off by itself.

Is the board broken? What have i done wrong? Can i ask you for RMA ?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!