[DEFECTIVE] Latte Panda DOA Board

userHead chowden 2016-08-06 18:17:08 2961 Views2 Replies
Received my LattePanda board, looks impressive!

Sadly, I think this one is only ever going to look impressive. I have had problems getting the LattePanda to power on. The red light comes on (solid), then the blue light flashes and then it turns off. I then press the power button for one second to start the device and the blue light flashes 15 times and then the unit powers off.

At some considerable additional cost, I have tried an Apple Charger, a 2.5a Raspberry Pi charger, a 3.0a Aukey Usb charger - all with a range of cables. I have bought high quality cables. Nothing works, I get the same result. The charger and cable provided with the device simply does not work with any combinaion.

Please advise. Backer number 1145. Thank you.