Interfacing U1 Area (X-Z8300) Peripherals

userHead Draghi 2016-08-11 19:52:08 2422 Views0 Replies

I'm considering using LattePanda in a system where I already have a micro controller. I would like to bypass the Arduino part (ATmega32u4) and the software stack supporting it. I have a couple of questions:

- Are the X-Z8300 peripherals (those in the U1 area) free to use, or are the already used on board? Are there any plans to use the in the future?

- What voltage are these peripherals using? If it's 1.8V, can it be changed to 3.3V? Are the inputs 3.3V tolerant?

- Can the UART be used through the Windows serial port API? What is the maximum baud rate?

- Are the two I2C peripherals supported by drivers and higher level APIs? If yes, can they be use as masters only or also as slaves?

- Can at least one of the pins in U1 area generate an interrupt which will be caught on a user mode application (for example as a named event)?

And some related questions:

- Can the ATmega32u4 be turned off or be put in a state where in would consume as little power as possible? What is the amount of the power saving we could expect. Is there a driver available (and source code) for controlling such a behavior.

- Can the on-board BLE be turned off without turning off the WiFi? Does the WiFi allow reduced Tx-Power?

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