[RESOLVED] Second monitor stopped working

userHead In5anity 2016-08-12 17:55:46 2872 Views2 Replies
Hey guys,

yesterday I encountered some strange problems with my LP that is running without the 7'' Display on my TV. I don't know exactly how it happened but when I tried to change the custom resolution the screen just went blank. I was able to temporarily put the screen back on by blindly hacking win+p but only with a resolution that didn't fit my TV. Also, all my custom resolutions were gone and besides the 1920x1080 Full HD resolution of the TV, all proposed resolutions were xxx x 600, which sounds to me like the Lattepanda switched to the 7'' display even though it wasn't connected. The problem now was, that I couldn't define new custom resolutions above the maximum 7'' resolution (that fact that I could still use the full HD resolution didn't bother Windows). After that, I tried several things to get it back on and ended with a total blank screen that stayed black, no matter what I did.

Now I am sitting here with the 7'' display attached so that at least I am able to do some troubleshooting but I haven't come that far. Working only with the display attached works just fine but as soon as I attach the HDMI cable to the TV, the 7'' display starts blinking (I saw some posts here suggesting it might be the power output, but as I use a 5V/3A charger I think it is something driver related) and the TV still stays black, even though I set it to 'dublicate monitor'.

Well, that's it so far. Any help is much appreciated. I'm out of ideas.