Various Hardware & Windows issues/anomalies....

userHead jmsoule 2016-08-14 10:58:13 2773 Views3 Replies
I preordered the 4G/64GB unit from DFRobot; DFRobot Order ID: 63097.

I didn't assemble/boot the unit until about at few weeks ago. First time it booted, it seemed to work ok (example, windows starts, the start menu worked fine.)

In the second and all subsequent boots, the start menu would no longer work and many simple windows tasks would simply freeze or take eons to complete or some applications would not run at all, even though they should take milliseconds to perform.

I've had the unit sometimes randomly hard shutdown; maybe about three instances.

I've also noticed that the two USB ports would make a faint electrical buzzing sound when plugging in devices like the mouse/keyboard. On one instance the usb ports stopped working. They seemed to get hot if I recall correctly. They are working again now it seems. I'm using the LattePanda unit now to type this.

The only thing that seems to work well enough is google chrome though sometimes it freezes too. So all I have is a glorified web browsing device that mostly works ok in that department but is far from perfect.