[RMA] Lattepanda and 7" Display

userHead waldi.m.90 2016-08-17 04:55:24 5479 Views9 Replies
Hello Lattepanda team,
the problem is that one Lattepanda board and one display are not working. Another Board worked fine for about 2 weeks. But then the red power LED never again showed up. So lets get to the details:

The first Lattepanda board:
I powered it with 2 different power supplys (including the one you delivered and the USB cable you delivered) but the board is not able to boot into windows. I plugged it in to different HDMI displays and it starts the boot process and it is possible to see the Lattepanda bootscreen, but after a few seconds the board simply shuts completely off. The second problem is, that none of the three 7“ displays work correctly at this board, there is always a bad image shown, or the display is flickering / blinking, so I suppose there is something wrong with the connector or the board at all.

The 7“ display:
I tried this display at first on the bad Lattepanda board and (as I said above) the display is blinking and sometimes just showing white lines that are blinking. After that I connected this display on a working Lattepanda (my third one) board but it was not working, too. It seems that the display is a defect one.

The second Lattepanda board:
It worked for 2 weeks just fine. It is still working fine, but the red power LED has never again lighted up. Not when i plug in the power supply (im using yours and your usb cable), not when I reset the board, never again. I suppose the LED could be defect.

Please give me some advice what I can try to solve this problems. Shall I take a video of the problem so you can see it by yourself?

All boards are the standard ones with 32GB and 2G RAM.
The first board was used directly after delivery, second board was used about 1 week later.

Thank you in advance!

Yours faithfully

Waldemar Müller