{DEFECTIVE} Trys to boot, then turns off

userHead cfog 2016-08-20 15:37:03 2334 Views1 Replies
Hi, first time trying to boot. so i get the red light when i power it on, i hold the power button, blue light starts flashing, red led comes on.
external hdmi display show latte panda load screen, then it turns off.

ive got the basic version, but with the windows 10 installed, what can i do, is it a hardware issue?

- Are you using a 5V@2A+ power supply and a high quality USB cable? yes
- Have you tried a cooling solution such as a fan or heatsink? yes, doesnt seem like its getting hot, but yes
- Have you tried reinstalling drivers? cant boot
- Have you tried reloading the operating system? cant boot
- Have you tried reflashing the BIOS? dont know how
- Are you able to flash the BIOS at the hardware level? no