[DISCUSSION] How to signal Arduino the Atom Side is on/off

userHead Boring 2016-08-26 01:35:31 2790 Views2 Replies
Recently I have been thinking on how to signal to the arduino the atom (Windows) side is on or off.

First I thought to send a hartbeat signal through the USB connection to the Arduino. However that will occupy the com port.

Another method I tested today is to use the 1.8v (pin10) from the U1 connector. This one gives 1.8V as long as the atom side is running. With some delay between screen off and 1.8 low. You can connect this pin through a diode to an analogue pin on the arduino side. I didn't write a sample code yet, I just used a LED and a 220ohm resistor to check the operation.

Does someone else have any other suggestions on how to check if the atom side is running?