LattePanda as DIY HMD?

userHead Christanoid 2016-08-27 07:58:52 2096 Views0 Replies
So I got this idea to DIY a HMD and I already started planning to build my own Mainboard for it, when I learned about the LattePanda, which I think should have everything I need in order to control the HMD. Still there are some questions left open, that I wanted to ask about here, before I buy all the parts and then notice, that I screwed up

1. I could not find anything online, and I can't determine it from the pictures, but can a Smartphone display like the one from the samsung galaxy S6 be plugged into the FPC port of the LattePanda ( ... 2203095917 )? It comes in very cheap for a 2K screen and because of Samsungs focus on VR with the S6 it would be perfect for that use.
EDIT: As far as I can see from this homepage ( ... ions-5pcs/ ) the S6 display actually uses a FPC port, question would be then, if I can set the LattePanda to output a 2k resoluting image

2. Is it possible to reconfigure the HDMI port to a input and forward the incoming image to the FPC port?

3. Can the LattePanda send the Sensor data directly to another Windows PC (so that I can catch it with a custom made driver), or do I have to build a Link Box like the Vive has one too?

Sry for those probably really stupid questions, but I am still new to all of this and don't want to waste my money on parts, that don't even work together