Pre-Purchase Questions

userHead dmdouglass 2016-08-28 08:04:07 2503 Views3 Replies

I am considering a purchase for a specialized application, but have some questions.
I am considering:

1. LattePanda 4G/64GB system…
But noticed a possible “red flag”…
Your web pages imply that Windows 10 is “installed” on the platforms, but then I noticed that the 2G/32GB board has Windows 10 “pre-activated”, and the system I want, the 4G/64GB system says “Without Windows 10 Product Key”. Can you clarify please. And if W/10 NOT included with the 4G/64GB system, can it be added with purchase?

Also… each of the boards “shipping contents” seems to imply a WiFi Antenna is included, but you also list it separately. Con you confirm it is included please?

2. Acrylic Case.
But then I was also considering one of the two offered “heat controlling” devices, either
the Heatsink Packs, or the Alum Heatsink Cooling Fan. Will either of these devices work with the Acrylic Case ?

3. 7” IPS Display
4. Wireless Keyboard

5. And lastly, method of shipping ..and.. from where. Looking at amount of time before product is received. “Shipping to” location would be Arizona. What method of shipping is used, and is a full “tracking” number activated ??

Thank you in advance for your time to answer these questions.