[DISCUSSION] Wifi: b/g vs n

userHead LuckyDime 2016-08-29 16:23:26 1808 Views1 Replies
Hello all,

Those who has experience with slow wifi connection (for example me) could check their router wifi standard?
My LP at home use an Asus router supported N standard, and it run with auto select and b/g protection mode. (whatever it means) and my LP's wifi connection slow /unstable.

When I've tried it at my workplace, where we use an older TP-Link wifi router - supports only b/g standards, LP runs flawlessly on wifi.

Could someone can set up his/her N supported wifi for good and stable connection? Should I set my router to legacy mode or to N only, and should I de-select b/g protection? By the way, what does it means exactly?