Looking for Drivers for Windows Server 2012R2

userHead wanderingmind25 2016-08-31 09:44:46 2859 Views3 Replies
I've seen a few posts about it but none seem to have netted me any positive results. I managed to install the OS but I am finding most of the drivers do not load, including either WIFI or the LAN so that limits me further. I have downloaded the drivers from the google drive link and ran the script. I think some drivers installed but I didn't see the list get much if at all smaller in device manager. would anyone have any suggestions or instructions on how to get and install at least the LAN driver?

I have the 4GB model btw.

one of the posts suggested downloading "Intel(R) Trusted Execution Engine Interface Install_USB_Win8_8.1_8013_03212014" but all that was from what I can tell was a auto driver installer which requires a network connections so its a catch 22, unless I grabbed the wrong one.

my purpose I have in mind for this card is a simple domain controller which runs on USB power.