[DEFECTIVE] No HDMI output, Can not reset or reflash BIOS

userHead gabe 2016-09-02 18:28:06 16210 Views27 Replies
Got two LattePanda 8/30, one 32G, one 64G
32G works fine right out of the box, 64G got display issue at the first time,
I spend few hours to fix it. then I decide to try out Ubuntu.
so I install Ubuntu 16.04 mate desktop on it, works good on the first boot.
but after apt-get upgrade, it shutdown right after reach to desktop.
so I try to mess up some BIOS settings. turn out no HDMI output at all,
Try to reflash BIOS but it don't even read from the USB drive,
the same USB drive I use for reflash autoboot BIOS works just fine.
it can not be the USB drive's problem.
Now the 64G LP is bricked, is there any way to recover it?