[RESOLVED] Windows 10 Can't boot wants a Recovery CD

userHead KevinA 2016-09-03 05:35:36 6497 Views5 Replies
2GB board with Windows 10 arrived today, plugged my 4.5amp 5 Volt power source in and tried booting:
Preparing Automatic Repair
Diagnosing Your PC
PC did not start correctly
In advanced options it asked to install the recovery image, is there one?
I have read some of the other post where you redirect the user to the 'recovery' process, I have followed the link just to find I'm at page 1 of the Lattepanda Document
Where is my Windows 10 Registration Number, the 'shipping Invoice' has nothing nor does the box, it appears my OS is not recoverable so it will require a reinstall and have to be registered, something I really don't have the time for right now.... Oh, talking about registering: 12 charters with mixed case and special charters? Why stop at 12, force 24 and no two can be the same out of the 24 charters, enforce sequences of mixed charters in 8 groups of 4!