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Nearly Perfect simple case with a hinge for the LCD.

userHead strawberrymaker 2016-09-06 03:39:17 4072 Views1 Replies
So i based it of the simple lcd case which i found was very neat, and added a hinge to it, so you can adjust the angle of the lcd.

Heres a link! With pictures

So why its nearly perfect:
The screwing system works nearly perfect. you can tighten it up, but it still a bit moveable, although with a bit of force. maybe some kind of teeth would be better, but it would be hard to print them.
And the little holes on which the front bezel comes arent aligned properly. you can get away by simply snipping the top knobs of the bezel of, but i have to rework that.

But still, works really good. Adds a little bit of space for a cooling fan and the flex cable isnt as bent sideways as with the original ^^. and the flex cable wont fold because it cant get such a deep angle.

It would have loved to add a space for a little 400 pin breadboard, but it wont fit. i will maybe try to get one of these really tiny ones which are colored.

And ill maybe work on an addon pcb with a barrel jack which connects to the 5V/GND Pins next to the micro usb port, because those are more appropriate for high current power delivery