USB boot not working, Lattepanda 2GB/32GB

userHead szymonciow 2016-09-07 01:07:27 6861 Views6 Replies

Windows 10 works properly. Kodi also. 
Unfortunately, USB boot does not work, uefi always chooses Win10 boot.
I have tested many iso images and pendrives. 
I also used the guide: with Rufus software.
I can access to UEFI settings (boot override), also with F7 shortcut to boot menu. I have tried new UEFI bios with auto power on. I've also tested pendrives with Win8/10 installation files. All of them pendrives work properly on my other itx uefi boards.
I suppose that the problem is with Ami UEFI, should be improved for 2GB/32GB or my board have strange issue.

Are there any users, which working USB boot in this configuration? Is there any solution to my (our?) problem?
I am currently in the middle pleased with LattePanda, because my goal was linux for this board.

My board is 79$ version. I'm owner since one week, other hardware:
5V 2A power supply from iPad or Galaxy Note2 with mini usb cable in good condition. A4tech wireless keyboard and mouse, sharp tv and other monitors.