VNC with graphics slows CPU

userHead Raptor30k 2016-09-07 09:08:19 2917 Views3 Replies
I have tried Tight VNC, Ultra VNC and Teamviewer all with similar results.

I'm running a SDR receiver that uses realtime graphics to display the radio frequency spectrum. It works fine to a HDMI monitor but as soon as I connect via VNC the CPU Speed drops, graphics and audio output gets choppy. I want to use this headless from a remote location. This problem is a show stopper for this application.

I have enabled advanced Power Options "Processor power management" which does change the CPU Speed when NO moving graphics are involved. But the speed still drops when the moving graphics start.

BTW - I can NOT seem to get to BIOS settings to determine if there might be something in there I could change to solve the problem. I've tried holding Del, F4, F7, F10, F12, Esc (and maybe other) keys during boot but NO BIOS menu. I am running the Autostart BIOS (for remote boot on power up).

Any ideas?