[CLOSED] + Power on, no RED LED, unit get hot

userHead KevinA 2016-09-09 10:26:04 4404 Views5 Replies
After returning from the post office I turned the power on with my power strip but the LP did not do the RED/BLUE dance, only the BLUE LED flashed. I checked the supply and it was on, when I reached over to hold the heat sink so I could check/unplug the micro USB power the heat sink was to hot to touch. I powered everything down and felt the bottom heat sink and it was hot also. These heat sinks have never gotten this hot before, with the fan blowing on them they don't even get warm. Clipped the Fluke meter to CN2 and found the +5 is being dragged down and the heat sink only take 10 or 15 seconds to get hot, way too hot.

I removed the heat sinks so the unit would fit back into it's shipping container, the envelope is labeled and I've printed a letter explaining the last thing I did with the LP, backed it up.