Bios chip replacement/program

userHead KevinA 2016-09-10 00:08:04 2972 Views1 Replies
While working on this project I got ready to replace the bios chip but ran into a problem. The hot air nozzles I have are all too big, need a SOP8, the closest I have is an Aoyue 1206 for 20 pin devices. After hunting around for a while I got nothing, anyone know of a SOP8 Nozzle?
For reprogramming (assuming the chip is still good) I found a programmer and the device to clip onto the SOP8: ($5.44 for both with free shipping) the software (English Version) if you want the complete collection of firmware images ask the seller on ebay for a link, 401mb from China, mostly in Chinese.
Update on the software: this is the English version with a Youtube of how to do everything to get it working.