userHead Aft3rburn 2016-09-15 10:59:58 3144 Views3 Replies
I'd like to exchange my DOA 4GB/64GB eMMC Latte Panda please for a like/improved model.
I was able to boot into windows 10 once and tried to flash the BIOS to the "LattePanda auto power on BIOS" BIOS from the LattePanda site. Bios reflashed and returned "fs1:\>"

I've tried known good 3A power supplies, as well as different power cables, no fix.
The LattePanda appears to boot up normally, with a solid red LED, and the blue LED blinks for about 20 seconds and then turns off. Still no HDMI output.
I've held in the power button for 5 seconds, and the red LED will go dim until I hold the power button for 1+ second (to turn it back on) still no HDMI output.
I bought and used the cooling fan from LattePanda's ordering website.
I've tried booting to the USB3 connector with my 1GB flash drive named WINPE (I've tried using the default and LattePanda auto power on flashes, no change in behavior)
I do not feel comfortable peeling any metal covers over the CPU or memory so I won't be buying the chip clip to hardware reprogram the BIOS. I will buy a Chip Clip if a replacement 4GB/64GB eMMC LattePanda does the same thing.

Another thing... Should I send to LattePanda? or DFROBOT?