Lattepanda 64G - not starting and dripping out after 5 sec

userHead turboletto 2016-09-21 15:18:48 2841 Views3 Replies
I got my lattepanda my 7" display recentl...

I used my Ipad charger which has enough power and tried to fire it up, after connecting the display.
The blue light was going out after initializing and I pressed the Power on button for 1 sec.

The blue light came back on, nothing happened on the display but after 5 sec the light gone off and it seems the Lattepanda stopped.

I thought it is potentially a fault with the display, so I tried it again with an plugged in HDMI monitor ... no difference. Spoke to an IT colleague and I thinks the Lattepanda seems not to find the Operating system.

Can this be the case and if should I return it to you to fix it ?