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Latte Panda + Mach 4 + Taig CNC mill

userHead Jeff_Birt 2016-09-30 21:19:16 5650 Views3 Replies
I picked up one of the Latte Panda boards after seeing it on EVBlog. After just playing with it for a while I installed Mach 4 Hobby version and the Ethernet SmoothStepper plug-in for Mach 4. It was then hooked up to a Taig CNC mill. While this is no I7 16gb RAM desktop machine it is a capable little board. After seeing mine one of our research groups here at the university bought one (with the touch screen) and they are running Matlab on it as part of a research project. If you are not familiar with Matlab it is a power bit of software but very resource hungry.

I Let the Panda run about 6 hours and ran Gcode for about an hour and the highest temp I measured on the board was 45C. The little Panda ran without a hiccup.

Here is a short video of some engraving on the Taig mill with the Panda in control.