Can you boot windows from external HDD?

userHead LatteROFLCOPTER 2016-10-02 13:51:29 2603 Views1 Replies
I've recently had an SSD drive die in my laptop, which is just over a year old with not too much usage.
This event caused me to think about what I'll do when the storage in the LP dies.

I thought, well easy...just image the drive over to an external USB HDD and I can boot from that, just like every other device I own can....well no luck with the LP.

No problem in imaging the drive and restoring it to an external HDD, however I cannot boot from it!
I've looked in the bios is there is no way to tell it to boot from USB, I've tried F7 during boot...however the external HDD doesn't show up as an option (bios can see it, confirmed by looking at usb device settings).

I then tried to boot from the windows 10 recovery DVD (created on the LP) it tries to boot from the disc but eventually freezes with nothing on the screen (not no signal, just black).

I hate the idea of throwing the whole thing out when the HDD starts to fail....anyone know what's the best course of action here.