[DEFECTIVE] LP shows no signs of power "bricked"

userHead wanderingmind25 2016-10-05 08:05:50 2700 Views2 Replies
I put my windows server project on hold and decided to reinstall the stock windows 10. I got so far as to install windows 10 and initiate the sysprep. The unit shutdown fine but never booted back up. I have removed the power, reseated and tried different power supplies and cables and the red LED never lights up. nor does hitting any of the buttons including the Arduino make any changes.

I don't understand what has gone wrong, I wasn't touching it and it had been working fine all the way up till the reboot. Any suggestions on what I can try or is this an RMA kind of thing?

LP 4GB model
last seen running windows 10
purchased around 8/30 so should be within 90 day warranty.