(Wifi Issue) Enhanced LattePanda 4GB/64GB

userHead doobee24 2016-10-06 16:39:35 2454 Views2 Replies
I recently purchased an Enhanced version of the LattePanda from DFRobot. It arrived incredibly fast which I was so happy with as I was itching to get a hold of this board and hadn't long found out about it.

Initial booting was an issue, to cut a long story short I manually downloaded windows 10 and put that on instead and it got me into windows. I tracked down the drivers (thanks to this forum) and got everything installed. The board will occasionally switch itself off however i'm using an official iPhone charger so until my 5v 3A adapter arrives I won't know for sure whether thats a power issue or something else.

The main issue that I am having is the same issue as another user was having and thats the Wifi being unable to start due to showing a (Code 10) issue in device manager. I've tried multiple version of the driver with no success.

If anyone could help me with this it would be great