[RESOLVED] BOARD POWER ISSUES? try to power the board via CN2 headers

userHead LattePanda 2016-10-08 16:11:57 114540 Views24 Replies
For those of you having power issues I would recommend this.
Make a Barrel Jack adapter and power the board via CN2 headers

The microUSB port can only handle limited current which explains some of the power issues some guys have reported on here. The CN2 pins can handle much more.
Actually, you can use any 5V and GND enabled pins on the board as they are all on the same rail

26 AWG Dupont Wires

DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Female

Take 2 jumpers (Red for VCC and black for GND if you are a purist)
Remove the casing from the male end (or cut off and tin ends with solder if you prefer)
Insert in to Female Jack's screw terminals
Connect female ends to CN2 headers on your LattePanda
Find your favorite barrel connector power supply (I used a 5V@3A one with compatible jack)
Connect and enjoy.
IMG_0604.JPG IMG_0604.JPG (2.03 MiB) Viewed 61006 times Using this setup I was able to power my LP, watch all of season 5 of Breaking Bad off a 2.5" external HDD, powered only by the LP's USB. Actually, I was able to connect 2 external hard drives without issue.
And I left it on over night with heavyload running, which it coped with fine. This was with screen output through HDMI.

Inserting an SD card knocked one of the HDDs out, but this is largely down to the current of my power supply. Using a 4A+ power supply will allow you to use all peripherals on your LP and then some.

Hope this can help someone.