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There have been a few questions about how Windows 10 Home Edition is bundled with LattePanda, so I thought I would clarify it here:

Windows 10 physical installation media (i.e. a bootable DVD) is not included with LattePanda. This is because all versions of LattePanda include Windows 10 Home Edition pre-installed on the eMMC and every version will run it out of the box. However you may opt to purchase a version without a key. E.g. If you aren't interested in Windows and want to use it for another OS.

If you have purchased a version with a Windows key, it will activate automatically on the first boot.

What if I want to transfer a backup of an old LattePanda to a new one?
The key is signed to the hardware and stored in the BIOS chip, so each key is specific to each unit.
This means that if you transfer a backup of one LattePanda's eMMC to another LattePanda's eMMC, Windows will see the new LattePanda as not activated because it cannot find the specific key on the new bios chip.
It is possible to swap keys between units using software, see this example by hlide.
It is also possible to simply desolder the bios chip from your old unit, and solder it to your new one if you need to retain the original key.

Does every version of LattePanda come preinstalled with Windows 10 Home Edition? Yes!
Is there physical installation media included? No, because it is preinstalled on the LattePanda.
Does LattePanda come with an activated version of Windows 10 Home Edition? If you purchased it with a key, yes. Otherwise, no.

Hope this clears things up.