[DEFECTIVE] no output on HDMI and a flashing red LED

userHead Aft3rburn 2016-10-14 06:09:27 4537 Views8 Replies
Hello all, Hello LattePanda

I followed the instructions above precisely, and unfortunately, looks like it's a bricked LP board. no output on HDMI whatsoever and a flashing red led constantly.

I have apprehension of sending this LP board back to LattePanda because of the cost. I'm not sure how I can be guaranteed that I will be reimbursed the full amount for shipping this back on the RMA? around $113 US is what I found for shipping and I no longer have an extra $113 to put up for shipping. Perhaps instead the magic "phrase" to use while shipping should be to tell the Shipping company is "Circuit board"? I told them it was "a single board computer" and so they possibly thought it would have incurred additional shipping rate? Please Advise LattePanda:)
And yes I am willing to try unreleased, or beta BIOS flashes if that is an option. But I think the HDMI output of my LP board is kaput, bad. I'm personally thinking that the best option for all would be for me to RMA, but I'm open to any and all suggestions to try.