Linux on lattepanda

userHead Mitch 2016-10-15 04:28:11 9143 Views3 Replies
Hi! I had a reset of my lattepanda(2gb-32bit) and when it was installing Windows it died. So now when i open it there is a Window that say that the pc doesn't complete the installation and that i must click on ok to restart e restart the installation but it will restart and the Window reappears.
However i would like to install xubuntu, so i made a bootpen(FAT with MBR partition) , i entered in the bios and selected the Pendrive as first option but start the Window again. So I went in the bios again and I tried to start the bot directly by Pendrive (there are some options like efi shell and Windows boot) but a blue screen appears and after i return on bios. The bootpen works because i tried it on my Mac.

So how can i resolve the problem?

P.S. Sorry for my english.. If you're italian please answer in our language