Using Remote Desktop with LP

userHead Jeff_Birt 2016-10-18 21:46:51 3783 Views1 Replies
I found a way to be able to use Remote Desktop with the LattePanda. The Win10 license key I have is for Win10 Home which will not let you use Remote Desktop to connect to it. (I dislike VNC.) I found: . Which acts as a shim and enables remoting into the Panda. The only trouble I had stemmed from trying to use the original user account the board was set up with. I had changed the user name of it and set a password but it would not work for remoting in so I created a new account and that worked fine.

Please note that using the above program to enable using Remote Desktop is on the edge of violating the license agreement but as I'm using it for research purposes I don't think anyone will get too upset.