Lattepanda turns off

userHead Mitch 2016-10-21 22:51:34 3527 Views4 Replies
Hi! I have a lattepanda 2g/32gb.
With the charger and usb cable of lattepanda, my board turns off 80% times. I changed the charger and the usb cable with OUTPUT 5V 2.1A and it turns off 30% of times. So i thought to change operating system. I installed lubuntu and lattepanda always turns on but if i use it for a tot. time (about 10/15 min surfing the internet, etc.) it turns off (if i leave it stopped instead, it doesn't turn off).

Is it a charger's problem? If not, what i have to do to fix the problem?
if yes, what kind of chargers you recommend to me? 5V-2.5A / 5V-3A / 6V-3A / etc.
Can you link me where i should buy the charger that you recommend?