Specification of LattePanda 7-inch IPS display

userHead scanhand 2016-10-27 07:49:33 14107 Views5 Replies
Our company will use LattePanda by mini pc in equipment that make by our company.

LattePanda 7-inch IPS display will use too.

So, we need the specification of LattePanda 7-inch IPS display.

Such as, view angle, active area, brightness(cd/m^2),... etc.

Can I get specification of IPS display on below?
  • - View Angle(degree) : ex) 140 degree(H) x 120 degree(V)
  • - Active Area(mm) : ex) 162.5mm(H) x 121.5mm(V)
  • - Brightness(cd/m^2) : ex) 250