HDMI audio issues

userHead pmos69 2016-11-06 01:00:03 1994 Views1 Replies
Does anybody else have issues with HDMI audio?

Most of the times I boot the Lattepanda (4GB) the Intel SST speakers audio device will be OK, but the Intel SST HDMI audio device de recognized as disconnected, and will even only be visible in device manager if I turn on "show hidden devices".
The HDMI audio device will sometimes also turn into disconnected when switching between HDMI inputs on the TV, or turning the TV off and on, and even the video sometimes needs a few tries to be recognized.
Have tried using the original intel graphics drivers as well as updated ones with the same results.

I suspect there might be some kind of issue in the HDMI EDID negotiation between the Lattepanda and my LG TV, but the TV doesn't have these issues with other HDMI devices connected to the same inputs (amlogic android boxes, cable provider box, ps3, etc).

Any suggestions?

PS: One of the download links somewhere on this forum is causing Microsoft SmartScreen on the Edge browser to identify the whole site as malicious. You should look into this.