[RMA] No Power

userHead chrisuclan 2016-11-10 20:29:39 2110 Views1 Replies
I have had my LattePanda board for a number of weeks now and I have been using it for media reviews. I received the sample from DFR and its been great up until last week when I tried to boot it up. I plugged in the USB power and it did its usual boot/light up procedure, then the LEDs go off and I pressed the power button to switch it on..... and nothing.

I'm using the 4GB/64GB model.

I have tried to do the Hard Reset as suggested in the forums as well as powering the board using the CN2 headers. I can't seem to get any power whatsoever. I'am using a 2A power adapter and I have even tried using a few different ones to eradicate a potential PSU issue.

Any ideas??

I really need to to write some more tutorials/blogs etc