[DEFFECTIVE] No boot or BIOS post, red led always flashing

userHead mattgl 2016-11-16 02:55:21 2821 Views3 Replies
Hi, I just bought a brand new LattePanda 4g/64GB. (I already bought 9 others in the past for various project and everything went well)
The problem is that when i power up the board, after the blue led goes off, the red light start flashing (before I hit le power button). Ans then when I try to boot it nothing happen, no Windows boot or BIOS boot.

I tried lot of 2A+ Power Supply and different usb cable (that include those I ordered with the LP)
I have tried hard reset.
The only things i can't try is to flash the BIOS because I d'ont have the tool for that, and it seams to void the warranty ?