Video and LP

userHead m2d511 2016-11-18 23:22:25 2581 Views1 Replies
Hey all,
I am doing an installation in a hotel lobby and i would like to use lattepanda as my video player through VLC. The video file will be a full HD video and the codec i am using is Prores422. I know that VLC is ok with Prores. The file though becomes very large - estimated size is about 60- 80GB. If it is 60GB then i can store it in LattePanda 64GB internal drive otherwise i need a fast external like samsung T3 SSD with a 450mb of transfer rate over Usb3. The video will run 24/7 for at least 4 years connected over Hdmi to a laser projector.
Do you think LP will do the job in both circumstances?

Thanks in advance,