Some Questions

userHead pille 2016-11-20 22:47:06 1804 Views0 Replies
first at all - thast is exaclty what i was looking for - the lattepanda.
glad to hear
how i want to build a monitoring cluster with 6 or 12 lattepandas.
here i got some questions for you guys, which i believe you easy answer to it
1. does that monitor works too ... ct_id=1501 ?
if you use HDMI yes
2. i want to pull the "external" connectors like audio and usb to the front (a monitor case is in development and i want under the monitor the connections) - i guess its easy with just extend the usb for instance with a 20cm cable ! correct ?
3. i would love to move the reset, start and shutdown button to the front - as i understand its not that easy
4. the other LEDs like network, HDD can be moved to the front as well ?
the beta version of that complete construction is almost finish i just want to optimize some features.
thx in advance
yes but this will require some SMD work which wont be covered by warranty. but if youre up for it we would love to see your results.