Windows 10 IoT to Arduino integration

userHead Xamtastic 2016-11-21 19:07:13 2929 Views2 Replies
I'm looking to understand how to utilise the Arduino facilities from a Windows 10 IoT program.

Presently I use Windows 10 IoT (UWP) on Raspberry Pi, and the C# libraries map to the Pi's GPIOs, and I directly connect some of those to the Arduino's GPIOs, and the Arduino sketch monitors the HIGH/LOWs that are maintained by the Raspberry Pi.

How does the 'wiring' work in the LattePanda?

I accept that the Arduino on the LattePanda will be driven by a sketch as per usual, however how does the Arduino interface with the LattePanda?

What I am wanting to do is write my Windows 10 IoT UWP program in C# as per usual, as well as the Arduino's sketch. What takes the place of the wires that in the Raspberry Pi's case, links the Pi's GPIO pins to the Arduino's GPIO pins?

What I would really like is a Windows 10 IoT UWP application 'Hello World' that blinks an LED (in serial with a resistor) that is connected to the inbuilt Arduino GPIOs.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,