Does LattePanda work with Windows 10 IoT Core?

userHead Xamtastic 2016-11-21 21:03:18 8006 Views8 Replies

The documents at do not show any Windows IoT Core examples (despite being advertised as a Windows 10 IoT device), and the LattePanda.Firmware library at ... Arduino.cs is NOT compatible with Windows 10 IoT Core.

I loaded it into a Windows 10 IoT Core UWP program (with Windows IoT Extensions for the UWP Platform referenced), and the following namespace is NOT accessible:


This means that in the LattePanda.Firmdata link that the documents show for Windows 10 Console Applications, that the following objects do not work (which means that the library will not compile:


So can someone answer the question, will LattePanda work with Windows 10 IoT Core (UWP) programs, or not?

And if so, then how?

In Raspberry Pi, Windows 10 IoT Core (UWP) programs can access all the GPIO pins out of the box.

I'm really hopeful that someone will show me that Windows 10 IoT Core will work on Panda because then we can upload our UWP apps to the Windows App store.

If UWP (i.e. IoT core) programs are not capable of any GPIO access, then I guess that they could communicate with an external Arduino via Bluetooth or WiFi, but at that point one may as well use Xamarin to create the UWP program and instead load it onto an iPad or something instead.

Fingers crossed.