Microsoft SQL Server on LattePanda

userHead tomaszewski.m 2016-11-24 07:12:24 1913 Views0 Replies
Hi, I was wondering if anyone tried running any version of Microsoft SQL Server on any of the LattePanda boards (2GB / 4G)?

I was thinking about SQL Server 2012 Standard 32-bit with requirements:
Processor: Pentium III or faster / Minimal: 1,0 GHz, Recommended: 2,0 GHz
RAM Memory: Minimal: 1GB, Recommended 4GB

What I need this for is to use it in my small bussines for external / remote server that can handle sql database for
POS software. To keep it accessible remotely 24/7.

Any experience with that kind of solution, any advice on using LattePanda for that matter?
Is it possible to work, like without glitches, freezes and crashes?

Thanks for help in advance.