64-bit OS on 2GB/32GB LattePanda

userHead koalasutra 2016-11-25 21:40:47 2086 Views0 Replies
Hello all,

I am planning to stream from the Kinect 2 using a LattePanda. This requires USB-3 and a 64-bit system. The processor should be 64-bit if I've done my research. Unfortunately I didn't spot until after ordering the 2GB/32GB LP that the shipped OS is 32-bit for this model.

My question is, is this an indication that for some reason the 2GB/32GB board can't support a 64-bit OS? Specifically I'd run Windows for any tasks requiring the closed SDK, and some stripped-down Linux for everything else (realtime applications).

Anyone who knows I'd much appreciate your input so I know whether to try and cancel the order.