No video out the HDMI port any more.

userHead Raymond Day 2016-11-28 22:34:07 3015 Views1 Replies
I had my own Windows 10 on it but could not find a sound driver. Then I seen can restore it here with a I got there and unzip it to a 8GB USB drive. I plug the USB drive in my Enhanced (4GB RAM/64GB eMMC) Lattepanda. The like Lattepanda icon came on the screen and looks like it was just going to boot the windows in it. I looked away and when looked back no video the monitor went in power saver mode.

I seen the 8GB did not hold all the Windows 10 files unzip to it. So it was blank. I put a 32GB one on it and copied all the files.

Still can't get any HDMI to show on it. I know the HDMI cable is good. I can plug a Raspberry PI in it and get video.

I did the reset like it says to. Hold the 2 buttons for 20 sec. Let it rest a min. Hole the 2 buttons with power off for 20 sec.

It did not help.

When I plug in the 3 AMP power at 5 volts the blue LED comes on and goes off and the red LED comes on and stays on. It will not go off. But if I put a USB keyboard and mouse after a wile the red LED goes off and I press the power and it goes but on but still no HDMI video.

What else can I try and do?

This was working now it stopped. I think it just don't get video it my be working hard to tell. I got 2 heat sinks on it on the top and bottom no fan. I order a fan for it waiting in the mail yet.

-Raymond Day