Further Noob Questions

userHead apd 2016-11-29 21:50:22 3275 Views3 Replies
I have some further questions before I buy. Sorry if this is quite long.

I intend to buy this to use for syncing, verification and backup of camera SD cards to a USB Stick whilst I am travelling as I don't want to take a laptop. To access the Lattepanda I will need to use RDP or VNC. A few questions:

- Can I RDP to the Lattepanda from its logon screen using the LP's wifi or does that not work? If I cannot use RDP (because of Windows 10 Home), can I VNC to it using the LP's wifi by installing a VNC server?

- I will need to use USB 3 - so will need to use a USB 3 hub as there is only one USB 3 port on the LP. Without external power, will the USB 3 port be able to power the hub, an SD Card reader and a USB 3 memory stick (San Disk Ultra 256Gb)? If there is insufficient power from the USB 3 port, will I have sufficient power if I use a Y cable to also draw power from the USB port. I propose to use an iPad charger to power the LP

- The syncing process is quite processor intensive. Will I need to buy the cooling fan? Does the cooling fan fit in / work with the acrylic case?

Thanks in advance