Order Non-Delivery

userHead Xamtastic 2016-12-01 09:45:00 4423 Views4 Replies
Can someobody at LattePanda please help with an order non-delivery.

I ordered six items with delivery promised by Fedex and a three to five day delivery span, and the order included the LattePanda, a screen, and a screen capacitive touch unit, and the screen and capacitive touch unit were not delivered, although the rest of the items were. The packing list only mentions 4 items, not the touch screen or the capacitive touch unit, so they were never dispatched in the first place.

I emailed DF Robot and they have not responded after three days - yet an enquiry to the same email address previously asking for information about delivery was answered the same day that I sent it.

I have also phoned the DFRobot during normal business hours in Shanghai and I just get a recorded message in Chinese and the line goes dead.

Can somebody at LattePanda please resolve this issue.

The order ID is 77512 and my original email to DFRobot contained photographs of the delivery note, showing that the missing items were not in the packing list.

This is an urgent matter as I have a contractor waiting for the items for delivery and even the Fedex delivery was late by three days, having sat in Japan for three days instead of one and over-run the original delivery forecast - i.e. I paid the higher delivery price but got slower delivery.

Kind regards,

Anthony Harrison