Accessing the Arduino via the Windows Subsystem for Linux

userHead zachary_fields 2016-12-04 11:00:05 2274 Views1 Replies
I'm testing the capabilities and limitations of the Windows Subsystem for Linux or Ubuntu on Windows (UoW).

Currently, I'm trying to write serial data to the Arduino. Typically, on Linux you would open and write to a file descriptor under `/dev/tty`. Interestingly, the Latte Panda has three tty endpoints `/dev/tty`, `/dev/tty0` and `/dev/tty1`. When I write to these as I would in Linux, I get behavior similar to writing to `stdout`.

Does anyone know which file descriptor is tied to the onboard Arduino? It is COM5 for me in Windows 10, but I don't know how to find it on UoW.
Does anyone know how the Arduino is setup from a Linux point of view, or how to open the dedicated connection and communicate with it via Linux?