Latte Panda Windows Server 2012 Setup

userHead Tonkah 2016-12-04 16:29:24 2743 Views0 Replies
Note: This is not officially supported by Latte Panda, try at your own risk.

I was able to get Windows Server 2012 in mostly-functioning state. Here are the steps I took:

- Requires 64-bit 4G/64GB Latte Panda
- Take a USB drive (8GB+) and format it to FAT32 with UEFI support. Name the USB drive "WINPE" (Use Rufus to easily create from ISO)
- Copy drivers from Latte Panda Windows 10 github to usb device ( ... 0-Software)
- Download and copy REALKTEK's "Win8, Win8.1 and Server 2012 Auto Installation Program" driver to your USB device ( ... Down=false)
- Install standard version of windows server 2012 ("server core" version won't boot)
- Disable device driver signing enforcement ( ... d-drivers/)
- Install Latte Panda drivers from USB device (extract to desktop for speed)
- Install REALKTEK's network driver from USB device

The Arduino drivers didn't install correctly, but most other drivers were able to install and function (some with warnings). Would be nice if Latte Panda provided kosher drivers for other OSes.