The Red LED is always turn ON & there is no display

userHead EGTechPro 2016-12-05 20:42:38 3364 Views3 Replies
I plug in the power supply, the LEDs on the board will turn ON (Blue & Red), the Blue LED then dimmed OFF but the Red LED is still ON.

Tried the Hard reset method on the Forum suggested. It is not working.
The last time tested, the board is still working (yesterday), now when plug in then Red LED always ON.
Or this is a totally different problem.

Today (05Nov2016) another unit of my LP having the same problem as above.
Earlier I have stress test the LP using the battery. After finish testing (near min voltage level) I shut it down.
After a few hours I turn it back on using the power adaptor, the Red LED is just stay ON, same as the 1st board.

Hope the Admin could help, as already 2 unit LP is out of commission.

(2G RAM, 32G eMMC)