[LP4G/64GB] Red LED blinking after numerous BIOS reflashings

userHead danyhaaardcore 2016-12-07 15:09:28 3182 Views6 Replies

Once upon a time there was an LP4G/64GB working well. One day (after some power on/off problem due to bad connection of wires from adapter) the red LED started to lamp constantly. LAN when plugged has been blinking as it should be, so I supposed board was still alive:). Thus I have decided to re-flash the BIOS (hard reset didn't work for me). A step-by-step guide being followed precisely, however:

- once LP is on, BLUE blinks a few time and stops (as it should be), RED is blinking constantly no matter how long I wait for it to disappear.
- I have tried to re-flash, repeating the procedure, usind Win10 and Win8 PC, but obviously no difference. Once I 'Read" the chip, the new image is there, so I assume it is not due to bad BIOS re-flashing.
- Hard reset didn't work either.

Any ideas, suggestions?