Interesting Win10 behavior

userHead Aft3rburn 2016-12-09 11:23:06 3027 Views3 Replies
While trying to install my license of W10, it wouldn't activate. I tried to install my own copy of W10 from USB, success only if I booted into W10(from recovery partition) and ran setup.exe from the USB drive, and it would force me to enter my license key, but it still would fail activation. I notice that upon installing W10, the default desktop screen was acting like W8, with the tiles.. which I hate! I then got the idea to install from DVD media: Hooked up a DVD ROM drive to a USB adapter and plugged it into the blue USB port (USB 3 port). Installation let me wipe the LattePanda's storage completely (I don't do recovery partitions) and install W10. What I wanted in the end was to enter my license key at a later time, which installing from DVD media finally let me accomplish.

I'm just posting what I've experienced only to inform you, the LattePanda user.
Please discuss as to why I couldn't wipe the partitions upon install and reboot from the USB drive? or why I would be forced to enter my license key during installation, and not at a later time like you could with W7 and default W10 installs?