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Another LattePanda CarPC Project

userHead Dougal 2016-12-13 17:48:57 13683 Views7 Replies
Hello All,

I have built a LattePanda CarPC that I intend to use for datalogging and flash tuning my car with.

I've had the unit working well already with a power adaptor to the ciggarette light socket but for proper power on/off i have purchased a DCDC-USB. Intelligent buck-boost DC-DC converter with USB interface.

Has a large Input voltage range (6-34V) and Programmable Output range (5-24V)
Applications: power for motherboards with single rail power from any voltage to any voltage, laptops, custom electronics with buck-boost DC-DC
Programmable via USB interface
Sends ON/OFF pulse to motherboard
4 modes of operation: DUMB, Automotive, Script or UPS

This allows me to configure Power On/Off timers that are ignition sensed.
This means i don't have to worry as much about data corruption from power on/off via the car key.

Right now i am working on loading the new BIOS to the LP and so to not require power on/off from the LP power button. Once that is done then i need to wired up the DCDC-USB device to a 12volt power line that is always active and then wire up to ignition wiring for the trigger.
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